Logo" I had the great privilege of working with Richard while at DeVry over the last 2 years. Richard has a tremendous amount knowledge when it comes to the social and digital marketing space. He also understands the importance of integrated marketing and how social media plays a big role in that. Richard is also very knowledgable when it comes to content strategy and is always on top of best practices.

Additionally, Richard has played a vital role with the social media enablement program at DeVry. He has lead most social media training which has aimed at empowering employees across the business to be involved in social when there is a true business need. He has taken this program on since it's infancy stage and I'm amazed at how well it continues to grow throughout the organization.

Richard is an all-around nice guy with a great sense of humor. He is a huge asset to DeVry's social media team.

~Chase Fritchle, Social Media Manager Live Nation

Ripson Communications LogoI’ve worked with Richard in one capacity or another since 1999, I enjoyed working with him in broadcast television and have been even more impressed with his work in Social Media Marketing!

Richard is a confident, entertaining & informative speaker whether he’s in a room of 1 or 20+. I represent a number of business focused organizations who have asked me to put together events for members and Richard is at the top of my list for Social Media expertise. He is really good at introducing new digital concepts to “non-techie” business owners & marketers and showing them how to achieve real world goals using social channels and how to measure it.

Richard has a conversational speaking style, his presentations are visual, he takes Q&A in stride and adapts well to audience feedback. Richard is a great resource for Social Marketing Strategic heavy lifting, he’s been a great asset to Ripson Communications by providing training to clients, helping us build social into RFPs and he’s even helped us launch contests across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

~Lisa Ripson, Principal at Ripson Communications